vterrain.org site and project history


  15.09.26 added Open Data Census to Global Overview
  15.09.20 added Terrain Generation using Procedural Models based on Hydrology to Artificial Terrain
  15.09.14 updates to UAVs and Artificial


  14.10.17 added Vienna 5m LIDAR elevation to Europe
  14.10.12 added GlobeLand30 to Land Cover
  14.10.11 added ghostTown / CASA Urban Roller Coaster to Buildings and Cities
  14.10.05 added section on Cameras to UAVs
  14.09.13 added Geologia 3D della Bassa Val di Chienti to Italy
  14.05.19 added WorldCreator to Artificial / Artistic


  13.05.06 added INPE TopoData Access to Brazil
  13.04.21 added OS Terrain 50 to UK
  13.04.01 added osgOcean to Water
  13.03.23 added Cube Cities to Commercial Building Data
  13.03.19 updates to Plant Software
  13.03.10 added Stavros's Project Windstorm demo to Noncommercial
  13.03.09 added 8th 3DGeoInfo (Istanbul) to Community
  13.02.26 added Rocktools to Artificial Terrain
  13.02.25 added Laubwerk Plants Kits to Plant Software
added OpenDS to Vehicles and Traffic
  13.02.24 added Suicidator City Generator to Procedural Buildings
added City of Perth 3D City Models to Australia
13.02.23 added 3D visualization world to Community and the front page
  13.02.22 added mention of 3D city work in India to Asia
  13.02.19 added Tyson Ibele's Building Generator Plus to Procedural Buildings
  13.02.18 added Sweet Home 3D to CAD
  13.02.13 added SearchOGC to WMS / WFS
  13.02.12 added MaterialMAP to Land Cover
  13.02.08 added Canadian GIS blog to Canada
  13.02.07 added QGIS, gvSIG, SpatiaLite to GIS
  13.02.05 added ISDE 2013 in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia to Community
updates to United States
  13.02.04 updated ReadyMap on Noncommercia; Tools
  13.02.01 added Denmark Kortforsyningen/Download to Europe
  13.01.30 added Maperitive to OpenStreetMap
  13.01.28 updates to Commercial Tools, including removing software that seems defunct (CityScape, G-Vista, iGeo3D, Insight3D, MapCube Urban Viewer..)
  13.01.23 added Silvador to Plant Software
  13.01.21 added www.geodata.gov.gr to Greece
  13.01.19 added Robotic 3D Scan Repository to LIDAR
  13.01.18 updates to Geocoding including Nominatim
  13.01.17 added NOAA CSC Data Access Viewer to United States,
added NOAA datasets to Hawaii Elevation and Land Cover
  13.01.16 added Flythrough della Provincia di Massa e Carrara to Italy
  13.01.15 expanded page on Power
  13.01.11 created page Notes on OpenStreetMap
  13.01.09 added Makai Voyager to Commercial Tools
  13.01.07 added notes on the Neptec LIDAR dataset of Ottawa, Canada to Canada
  13.01.06 added AHN to Netherlands, CNIG / PNOA to Spain, DOM to Switzerland
added many LIDAR links to United States
  13.01.02 added OpenEarth under Hydrogeology on Water
updated Getting USGS Data and SRTM with changes in USGS websites
  13.01.01 added DJI S800 and Phantom to UAVs


  12.12.31 updated's DigitalGlobe's satellites on Commercial Sources
  12.12.30 added MikroKopter to UAVs
  12.12.26 added Water shader link to Water
  12.12.20 added PLOTS Kukuiula, Koloa to Kaua‘i
12.12.19 added Parrot, Sensefly, DroneMapper, Agisoft, and much more to Collecting Your Own Aerials
  12.12.18 added CUPUM 2013 Utrecht to Community
  12.12.16 new page on Collecting Your Own Aerials
  12.12.15 updates to Data Collection (GPS, Surveying)
12.12.13 added Eternix Blaze Terra to Commercial
added Earth at Night 2012 / Black Marble to Whole-Earth
  12.12.12 added Territoire3D to France
12.12.11 gave the Netherlands its own page, added DelftTech
added Virtual NewcastleGateshead to UK
  12.12.10 added Worldwide Virtual City Models to Locations,
VCM Production Companies to Commercial Services
  12.12.08 added VIRTALIS GeoVisionary to Commercial
  12.12.05 added Orfeo Toolbox / Monteverdi to Processing Multi-band Images
  12.12.04 added books including 3D Engine Design for Virtual Globes to Media
  12.12.03 added AEROmetrex aero3Dpro to Commercial Services
  12.12.02 added 3D RTE to Location-specific (Italy)
added Adelaide 3D City Model to Australia
  12.12.01 added Sapling, Yorik's blender greenhouse and Unity Tree Creator to Plants
  12.11.28 added Historical Lublin to new page for Poland
  12.11.27 added Mega-Fier Terrain Plugin to Commercial Tools
  12.11.26 added Tree detection from aerial imagery to Plant Papers
  12.11.20 added Acute3D to Buildings and Cities: Commercial Services
  12.11.19 added Jonathan de Ferranti's Digital Elevation Data to Global Elevation
  12.11.09 added Cesium to Commercial
  12.11.08 added OpenBuildingModels and OSM's buildings to Buildings
  12.11.07 added TanDEM-X WorldDEM to Global Elevation
  12.09.23 added StreetCam3D to New Zealand
  12.07.05 added Land-Form PANORAMA to UK
  12.07.04 added three.js / Trigger Rally to WebGL
  12.07.01 added Digital Earth – Virtual Nations – Data Cities (e-book) to Media
  12.06.30 added Scalable Real-Time Animation of Rivers to Water
  12.06.13 added GPU-Aware Hybrid Terrain Rendering to LOD Papers
  12.06.11 added Outerra to Games / Middleware
  12.06.10 added Procedural Heightmap Generation Using Plate Tectonics to Artificial Terrain
  12.06.09 added NEXTMap World 30 to Global Elevation
  12.06.03 added IMGeo / Geonovum to Netherlands (Europe)
  12.06.02 added OpenBuildingModels paper to Roads
  12.05.28 added the Proland library to several pages (Clouds, Water, Pland Papers)
  12.05.23 added XNA Large Terrain to LOD Papers
  12.05.21 updated ITF spec to 2.0 and provided sample file
12.04.29 added DLA 2012 Conference: Geodesign, 3D Modeling, and Visualization
  12.04.28 many updates to UK, added Vertex Modelling's Wide Area 3D Model of London
  12.03.14 added 3DHawaii.com and Microsoft Flight to Other Hawaii,
added 3D San Francisco to California
  12.03.05 added Artifex Terra 3D and other updates to Artificial / Artistic
  12.02.29 added Real-time Realistic Rendering and Lighting of Forests to Plant Papers
  12.01.02 added GMTED2010 to Global Elevation Datasets
  12.01.01 added Exploring 3D visualisation of vegetation to Plant Papers


  11.12.31 added DbMAP 3D to Commercial Software
  11.11.21 added section on Vertical Datums (vdatum..) to Coordinate Systems
  11.09.08 updated Triton on Water
11.08.14 added Texture-Lobes for Tree-Modelling to Plant Papers
  11.08.05 added OpenTreeMap to Plant Distribution,
updated phillytreemap / urbanforestmap in USA
  11.08.04 updated entry for OSM 3D / XNavigator on Noncommercial
  11.08.03 added SpeedTree Studio to Plant Software
  11.07.30 added Japan's ASTER GDEM site, which is easier to use than NASA's
  11.07.24 added High-quality rendering of 2.0 stars to Sky / Atmosphere
  11.07.23 added trueSKY to Clouds
  11.07.18 added Free Shapefile of Countries of the World to Vector Data
updated Carmenta on Commercial
  11.07.17 added London3Dproject to UK
  11.07.16 added a mention (blog and paper) to China of the GeoScope used for Digital Wuhan City
  11.07.14 added Image-Error-Based Level of Detail for Landscape Visualization to Plant Papers
Hundreds of links have been fixed recently to keep the site lively!
  11.07.13 the DMSO is now the M&S CO (on Defense)
  11.07.12 added Cloddy to Commercial
  11.07.11 added OGDI and OPeNDAP to Protocols
  11.07.10 added Procedural Modeling of Buildings paper to Buildings and Cities: Research
added 3D Ethics Charter and 6th 3D GeoInfo to Community
  11.07.09 added Cubic Globes to Spherical Textures
added seamless algorithm (blog) to LOD Implementations
  11.07.08 added vieWTerra to Commercial
  11.07.06 added a paper on LIDAR storage and some apps (Pointools, Terrasolid..) to Point Clouds
  11.07.02 added glob3 to Point Clouds
  11.07.01 released version 1.0 of the VTP software today!
11.06.17 overhauled Commercial Imagery Sources
  11.06.13 added McCrae's work on clothoids to Roads
  11.06.12 added some WebGL software including OpenWebGlobe SDK to a new WebGL section on Noncommercial
  11.06.11 added OS OpenData to UK
  11.05.01 updated Trian3D Builder on Commercial
updated OpenDRIVE with addition of OpenCRG on Roads
  11.04.17 mention on Italy that OpenDEM now has data of Gaeta, Italy
  11.03.24 added VBS2 to Defense
  11.03.13 added Continuous Distance-Dependent Level of Detail for Rendering Heightmaps (CDLOD) to LOD Papers and Implementations
11.03.12 added a SPCS Flash map to State Plane Coordinate Systems
  11.03.11 added ShareGeo Open to UK, Lithosphere to Artificial
  11.02.25 added CSIRO's "Glass Earth" to Australia
  11.02.18 new page on Point Clouds and LIDAR
  11.02.17 added 3D Object Library to Plant Images
  11.02.15 added Rostock data from OpenDEM to Germany
  11.01.30 updated OneSAF on Defense
added Realtime Interactive Animations of Liquid.. to Water
  11.01.29 added Virtual Globe and Terrain Rendering blog to Community
  11.01.23 Lumo Builder was renamed/moved to re-lion Builder on Commercial
added ISDE7 to Community
  11.01.22 updates to Romania
  11.01.02 added CityEngine Vue to Artificial and Procedural Buildings
  11.01.01 added Intel Smoke Library to Plant Software


  10.12.24 updated Ionia GlobCover on Plant Distribution
added Natural Earth to Vector Data
  10.09.30 added 3D GeoInfo Conference 2010 to Community
  10.09.23 added more companies to Commercial Building Services
  10.08.23 refreshed links on Water
  10.08.01 added OpenRails to Rail
  10.07.31 added X-GDF paper to Roads
  10.07.06 added Mobile 3D City (Paris) to Location-specific
  10.06.30 added Voxelogic Acropora to Artificial
  10.06.11 added GeoSUR to South America
  10.05.30 added a project on Mont Saint Michel to France
  10.03.29 added UV animation / ModelMyIndia to Commercial Services
  10.03.28 added Geoweb3d to Commercial, reorganized Commercial with older tools in their own section
  10.03.22 added OpenKýbl3DMap to Europe
  10.03.13 added What's the point? to Elevation Overview
  10.01.27 moved CityScape from Artificial to Commercial
added to Power page


09.12.26 updates to Games
  09.12.19 added TerraColor to Whole-Earth
  09.12.18 added Skape to UK
  09.11.29 added Zmapping's 3D London model to UK
  09.11.11 added 3drender.co.uk to Plant Images
  09.10.23 added Efficient Geometry Compression for GPU-based Decoding to LOD Papers
09.10.11 added CLICK to USGS
  09.10.10 added OpenTopography data portal
  09.10.05 added Vancouver Open Data Catalogue to Canada
added Biosphere3D to Noncommercial
  09.08.23 added Vizerra to Tourism
  09.08.13 many updates to Artificial, added T.ED, moved historical stuff
  09.08.04 updated to ETOPO1 on Bathymetry and Bathymetry Comparison
  09.08.04 noted that Creator and TerraVista are now products of Presagis
  09.07.25 added Water-Fire-Sky to Water
  09.07.22 added ASTER GDEM to Global Elevation
  09.07.21 added Orthocoverage 15m ASTER demo datasets
added Insight3D to Commercial
  09.07.19 added Regensburg3D to Germany
added Urban Horizon to Commercial
  09.07.17 added Aerowest.de to Germany
  09.07.09 added PhotoSketch to Buildings and Cities
  09.07.07 added GeoControl to Artificial
  09.07.04 added 3DGIS Cityvu to Buildings and Cities
added Graphite Renderer to Artificial
  09.06.29 added PAGC to Geocoding
  09.05.20 added GPU Ray-Casting for Scalable Terrain Rendering to LOD Papers
  09.04.23 added RATMAN to Government / Academic
  09.03.21 added LandSIM3D to Commercial
  09.03.20 added OSM 3D to Noncommercial
  09.03.16 added OpenDRIVE to Roads
  09.03.02 added osgEarth to Noncommercial
  09.02.20 added Virtual Plants (OpenAlea, PlantGL) to Plant Research
  09.02.05 added OpenAerialMap to Imagery Sources
  09.02.04 added OpenFlights and its data to Flight-Sims
  09.02.03 found new location of J Hasting's planetary images, updated Beyond
  09.02.02 mention of Virtual Sailor and Ship Simulator on Vehicles
  09.01.27 updated CityEngine on Procedural Buildings
  09.01.23 added Virtual Rome to Italy, CINECA 3D to Italy and Government / Academic
  09.01.13 added Landscape Visualization blog and Digital Landscape Architecture 2009 conference to Community
added TransModeler to Traffic
  09.01.11 added Multibeam Synthesis to Hawai‘i Bathymetry


  08.12.28 added 3D Oslo to Europe
  08.12.22 added Scalable Real-Time Animation of Rivers to Water
  08.12.12 added PixelActive CityScape to Artificial / Artistic
  08.12.01 added Precomputed Atmospheric Scattering to Atmosphere
  08.11.24 added Pyxis DERM to Spherical
  08.11.09 added hostip.info to Geocoding
  08.10.05 added Real-time rendering and editing of vector-based terrains to Geotypical
added Interactive multiple anisotropic scattering in clouds to Clouds
  08.10.03 added ESA Ionia GlobCover to Plant Distribution
  08.10.01 added Heidelberg 3D to Germany
updated description of CGIAR SRTM to version 4
  08.09.04 added Interactive Terrain Modeling Using Hydraulic Erosion to Water
  08.09.03 added IDE Canarias KML to Spain
  08.08.23 added AAMHatch 3D city models to Australia
  08.08.18 added PCN to Italy, ThreeX to Commercial Tools
  08.08.11 added GTA Geoinformatik's tridicon CityDiscoverer to Software Utilizing the VTP
  08.08.08 added UC-win/Road to Commercial Tools
  08.07.30 added the book Real-Time Rendering to Media
  08.07.29 added USC geocoder to Geocoding
added Virtual Stonehenge to UK
  08.07.28 added Blender Textures to Sky, Geotypical, BBuildings
added several links to Plant Images
  08.07.27 added RhinoTerrain to Commercial Tools
  08.07.25 added DC GIS Data Catalog to USA
  08.06.11 updated GEBCO which is now downloadable from BODC
added Planetary Visions to Whole-Earth
  08.05.17 added tree[d] and Ivy Generator to Plant Tools
  08.04.09 added GeoSimPHILLY to USA
  08.04.02 updates to the Earth Viewers chart
  08.03.27 added BS Geoformer, BS Contact Geo to Commercial Tools
  08.03.24 updated the vtlib page with a new page for vtopensg
  08.03.11 added earth.nanaimo.ca to Canada
  08.03.09 added International Journal of Digital Earth to Community
added book Geo-Information Science and Digital Earth to Media
  08.03.08 added Infinite Fun Space to Artificial Terrain
  08.03.01 updated the Lenné3D series on Plant Tools
  08.02.25 added True Marble to Whole-Earth
  08.02.18 added the book Constructing the Future: nD Modelling to Media
  08.02.13 added PhotoModeler to Buildings
  08.02.12 added TerraPAC to Hawaii Imagery
  08.02.10 added Hyperfocal to Sky
  08.02.09 added to Plant Distribution
  08.01.30 added mention of open source CFD packages on Water
  08.01.18 added CG Textures to Geotypical and Plant Images
added ngPlant to Plant Software
  08.01.15 added Dryad to Plant Software
  08.01.05 added 3D UI Best Practice to Navigation


  07.12.30 added VEPs (Stuttgart) to Germany
  07.12.27 added The Mannahatta Project to New York
  07.11.08 added Real Time Cloud Map to Clouds
  07.10.23 added USGS Elevation Query Web Service
  07.10.16 added Digital Botany to Plant Articles
  07.08.26 added IFC/aecXML/etc. to Buildings and Cities
  07.08.25 added Towntology to Culture Classification
added deegree iGeo3D to Commercial Tools
  07.08.21 added UpNext Manhattan to New York
  07.08.16 described pseudo-voxels on Caves
  07.08.12 added virtualcitySYSTEMS to Cities: Commercial Services
  07.08.07 noted Organic Vectory's new SDK on LOD Spherical Grids
  07.08.05 added GADM to International
added Burning Man Earth to Nevada
  07.08.01 added Géoportail en 3D to France
added 3Dgeoinfo07 to Community
added EspaCity to Buildings
  07.07.31 added Libre Map Project to Getting USGS Data
  07.07.29 added Ambient Aperture Lighting to Light & Shadows
  07.07.25 updated SRTM with details of CGIAR's SRTM v3
  07.07.20 added snapshots of Mt. Gambier to Australia
  07.07.17 added Survey on Semi-Regular Multiresolution Models for Interactive Terrain Rendering (pdf) to LOD Papers
  07.06.27 added Grome to Artificial / Artistic
  07.06.20 added Ostrava scene to Czech Republic on Europe
  07.06.17 added Rome Reborn to Italy
  07.05.22 added Generative Modelling Language and Sven Havemann's related paper to Procedural Buildings
  07.05.08 added CanVec and other updates to Canada
  07.04.18 updates to Flight-Sims
  07.04.04 added Barcelona in 3D to Spain
  07.03.31 added Real-Time Rendering of Planets with Atmospheres paper and Roel Reijerse's skyboxes to Sky
  07.03.22 added Hierro Virtual (Canary Islands) to new page for Spain
  07.03.15 added Terrain Synthesis from Digital Elevation Models to Artificial
  07.03.14 added a Stuttgart visualization (2003 paper) to Germany
  07.03.10 gave Germany its own page, added Berlin 3D
  07.03.06 added several papers from WSCG 2007 to Textures, LOD Papers, and new page on Draping
  07.03.03 added VisionMedia 3dskylines.com to Commercial Building Data
  07.02.18 added Sardegna3D to Italy
  07.02.17 added Territorio italiano 3D VRML to Italy
  07.02.15 added 3D Torino Games to Italy
added GTA Geoinformatik / tridicon to City Modeling Services
  07.02.13 added Virtual Kyoto to Asia
  07.01.20 added Lattico Ltd. with a Cambridge model to UK

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