Location: Nevada

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State of Nevada - General Notes

2006/7: Burning Man Earth

snapshot of the man1999 VTP Demo: Black Rock City, Nevada

"Black Rock City" is a temporary city built each year for the Burning Man festival, in the Black Rock Desert (BRD) of northeast Nevada, around 150 km north of Reno.  In 1999, a VTP simulation of the area was assembled, and exhibited at the festival.



Quad Name 10m   30m   10m file #   30m file#  
Smith Canyon   X    1650434
West of empire   X    1650250
Empire   X    1650428
Ten mile   X    1650191
Eagle Rock spring   X    1650182
Dead Horse canyon   X    1650171
Juniper canyon   X    1649992
Wall spring X    1706507  
Godeys rock X    1706508  
Gerlach X    1706509  
Dry Mountain NW X    1706510  
Dry Mountain X    1706511  
Sheep Spring   X    1650170
Dead Horse Canyon NE    X    1649991
Squaw Valley X X  1706496  1650433
The Banjo X X  1706497  1651576
Hualapai Flat S X    1706498  
Trego X    1706499  
Trego Hot Springs X    1706500  
Cholona X    1706501  
Rabbithole X X  1706502  1675032
Crutcher Canyon X X  1706485  1650432
Melody Mountain X X  1706486  1651829
Hualapai Flat N X    1706487  
Mormon Dan Peak X X  1706488  1651575
Black Rock Point W X X  1706489  1650853
Black Rock Point E X X  1706490  1650854
Rabbithole NE X    1706491  



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