Screenshots from the VTP Software

Images from the development of the VTP software, and a few snapshots of projects using the software around the world.

December 2012: More extensive import of roads and building from OpenStreetMap, including the building:part tag, allows for some decent views, like these of Manhattan:

manhattan-osm manhattan-osm

June 2011: Some adjustments to Enviro's Layer View to be more GIS-like:

 December 2006: Draping of Image Layers, and Polylines (Paths) with the Profile Dialog

image layer polyline profile

January 2006: Visualization of a large urban region in France by Bruno Basli.


September 2005: VTP software used to produce interactive visualizations of the the city of Manningham, Victoria, Australia:

mham-pines1 mham-pines3

June 2005: Elevation profile tool in VTBuilder:


November 2004: Example of 3D GPS track data drawn over landscape.


July 2004: Example of cast shadows from the structures onto the terrain.  This implementation by Roger James is still very experimental.

shadows1 shadows3

November 2004: Example of cast shadows on the terrain.  On the left is dot-product lighting, right is cast shadows.

October 2003: Examples of carving/flattening terrain under roadways ( )

July 2003: Two shots of Isla Coiba, a national park of Panama, looking northwest and south, showing how nice a visible-light LandSat7 texture can look if the bands are carefully merged.  (The data files for this scene are in the Repository)

coiba-nw coiba-s

This image demonstrates LandSat7 imagery pulled from the JPL Web Mapping Server, with place names from NIMA GEOnet Names Server shown with floating text (feature labels).  Center is the Romanian town of Giurgiu, on the Danube.  Bucureşti can be seen in the distance.


June 2003: VTBuilder can extract textures from large source images such as NASA's Blue Marble.  Here is a comparison in Enviro with Japan (Mt. Fuji and Tokyo Bay visible) showing plain color by elevation vs. color from the Blue Marble image.

japan1 japan2

A time-series showing the globe unfolding to the Dymaxion projection.

unfold1 unfold2 unfold3

An artificial terrain created with MojoWorld Generator, running in Enviro at full interactive framerate.


May 2002:  Enviro Earth View showing points of light for a subset of 2138 geocoded VTP recipient locations.
The locations are merged where they overlap to accurately portray density, following the surface-area rule
(reference: Edward Tufte)


December 2000: After the port to Open Software libraries, all the procedural culture is working again:

enviro001215  enviro010118

Enviro Earth View showing modelled terrain areas in red.  Some day, the whole globe will be covered by modeled areas.


A more efficient LOD algorithm enables much larger, higher resolution terrain.
Here are 2 shots using an 8K*8K terrain mesh, with a 4K*4K texture map.
For the first time, the subtle ridges in Pu`u Wa`a Wa`a and the Waipi`o Valley are visible.

puuwaawaa waipio

Here are some buildings and roads set against the new grass texture.


These buildings are procedurally generated with random parameters, with real location
 data gathered by doing feature extraction from DRG files using BExtractor.


older screenshots from the Hawai‘i demo...