VTBuilder runs on all platforms supported by the VTP (Windows, Linux, MacOSX, etc.)

Program and source code are part of the full VTP distribution, which are freely available (open license).  If you only need VTBuilder by itself, you can download a Windows installer for the standalone app: VTBuilder_130614.exe (8.7 MB)  Or, for 3D visualization with the full VTP software, go to that download page.

Documentation is online, including a simple tutorial of using VTBuilder and Enviro together.
Also, Documentation in Italian.

The native VTP formats (BT, ITF, VTST, VF) used by VTBuilder are documented online.

People using the "INM" software may find VTBuilder useful for obtaining .3tx files from almost any elevation source.  In fact, VTBuilder is used by a large number of users for non-visualization purposes, such as importing terrain into games such as Shrapnel's ATF.

Development Notes