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Freedata.ca is dedicated to the issue of access to government geospatial data across Canada. It is a place to discuss, issues, educate, coordinate and encourage change.


Our apologies to those who recieved more than one notice about the revamped site. The mass mailout was originally sent last week, but many were not delivered.

Barring Mr.Murphy, the new and improved freedata.ca is now open for business! Please take a look around and let us know what you think. Note: we have only begun tracking down the missing external links. If you know where their new homes are please drop us a line.

In an article earlier this month David Akin of The Globe & Mail says It's hard to find a cheap datum. [local mirror since it seems the GM does not make articles older than 7 days available online]

... some important Canadian data are too expensive and that's harming our ability to create new jobs and new wealth in the knowledge economy. ... most senior members of the Chrétien government have made it a priority to nurture a knowledge economy that generates wealth from bits and bytes, yet the federal government is hoarding one of the most precious resources to build a knowledge economy. ..."The outcome is inferior decision-making in both the public and private sectors."

Thanks to Batz for passing this along.

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