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The following thumbnails link to PNG images with alpha channels, for use as billboards.  They were taken by Johan Hammes at the Jonkershoek Nature Reserve near Stellenbosch (45 km east of Cape Town)

aarons_01_256.png (153840 bytes) Looks like common Calla Lilly, probably Zantedeschia aethiopica which is native to SA.  This is not technically a lily, so it shouldn't be confused with the lily in the genus Calla (Calla palustris, common name "wild calla")
aarons_02_256.png (134683 bytes) Calla Lilly, Zantedeschia aethiopica
aarons_03_128.png (69579 bytes) Calla Lilly, Zantedeschia aethiopica
protea_01_256.png (175458 bytes) Definitely family Proteaceae, but looks like genus Leucadendron rather than Protea.  Common name unknown.  There are 7 Leucadendron species listed as occurring in Jonkershoek.
protea_02_256.png (186861 bytes) genus Leucadendron
protea_04_256.png (182885 bytes) genus Leucadendron
protea_05_256.png (158445 bytes) genus Leucadendron
protea_03_256.png (177455 bytes) probably Proteaceae, genus unknown
Purple_flower_01_256.png (190664 bytes) purple flower, unidentified
fynbos_01_256.png (163461 bytes) unidentified brush plant, component of mountain fynbos
fynbos_02_256.png (161666 bytes) unidentified brush plant, component of mountain fynbos
grass_01_256.png (177358 bytes) unidentified grass tuft
grass_02_256.png (185115 bytes) unidentified grass tuft
t1_256.png (164670 bytes) unidentified large tree
t2_256.png (174239 bytes) large tree, looks like a pine (?) there are a lot of European pines growing in Jonkershoek, being managed by the SA forestry service
t3_256.png (145267 bytes) unidentified large tree
t4_256.png (169558 bytes) large bush, looks like Proteaceae