VTP Implementation - Libraries

Dependencies: Third-party Libraries Currently Used by the VTP software

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  Library License About
wxWidgets wxWidgets
LGPL-style Portable GUI library, free for every platform.  Some porting issues, see Porting wxWindows Icons.  The library size can be reduced by turning off features we don't need: see Shrinking wxWindows on Win32.
GDAL GDAL / OGR MIT/X GDAL for raster formats, OGR for vector formats.
PROJ.4 MIT Cartographic Projections Library, like GCTPC, but newer and cleaner
  Shapelib LGPL or MIT-style Read/write ESRI Shapefiles (bundled into GDAL)
  libgeotiff 'X style license' Read/write GeoTIFF files (bundled into GDAL)
http://www.libpng.org/pub/png/img_png/pnglogo-blk-sml1.png libpng/zlib custom Read/write PNG files and Gzip-compressed files.
cURL libcurl
MIT/X Client-side URL transfer library, supporting FTP, HTTP, and related protocols.
libMini libMini
LGPL CLOD library by Stefan Röttger, also does paging of large elevation/texture data via tilesets.
http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/img/v3/logos/netcdf-50x50.png NetCDF custom Reads the CDF format
OpenSceneGraph (OSG)
custom Portable 3D scene-graph library.  Besides basic scene graph functionality, it also provides the VTP with an art path, via .3DS and other 3D model formats.
  QuikGrid LGPL By John Coulthard.  Reads a set of scattered data points, generates a grid, then display the surface as a contour map.
OGL.jpg OpenGL
  3D rendering, both directly and indirectly through the scene-graph library.

Other Potential Libraries