Transportation Network Representations - A comparison of a few approaches

  USGS DLG Census TIGER GML3 GDF vtRoadMap Paramics EDF
Road geometry Centerline modelled as a Polyline, called Line ..todo.. Multi-level, so at Level 0,1,2 Roads are modelling as Complexes, Lines, or Edges Centerline modelled as a Polyline, called Link Modelled as a pair of Links (one for each direction of traffic)
Each Link can be a straight line connecting two Nodes or defined by Centres (Arcs - center/radius)
Centerline modelled as Segments: a hierarchical set of curves (straight, curved, generalized cubic curve)
Road width attribute on Line, almost never used   attribute of Road Element Property of Link Property of Link Property of Segment
(two widths: left and right of centerline)
Lanes attribute on Line, almost never used no? attribute of Road Element Property of Link: number of lanes, but no lane descriptions (lane positions are guessed at runtime) Property of Link Road object references each Segment, contains a set of Lane descriptions, each with type and width
Street Names no yes yes no no no?
Street Addresses no yes yes no no no?
Surface Type no, although paved/unpaved can be somewhat implied from Road Class no? Paved or unpaved. Paved, dirt, gravel, etc.    
Intersections A point, called Node   Level 2: Complex, called Intersection
Level 1: A point, called Junction
A point, called Node A point, called Node Polygonal area (convex) called Intersection
Sidewalks, parking, other non-driving road areas no   no? Simple flags on Link
(e.g. sidewalk yes/no)
no? Modelled as Lanes
  Lane connectivity no   yes? no defined by Junction object and Nextlanes info Set of Corridors (centerline curve of path) associated with each Intersection
   Stop lines and curbs no     no (must be guessed at runtime) defined by Kerb and Stop Lines objects Property of Corridor
  Internal constraints no     no Restrictions info Properties of Corridor
  Traffic control no   no? simple flag (2 flags: start and end of each Link) Complete specification using Priorities info Complete specification (properties on Corridor and Intersection)
Lanes splitting/
no     no (abrupt) ? yes, explicitly supported